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New Work Item Proposal on 'Work Product Reviews' under Ballot

A New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) on 'Work Product Reviews' has been put forward by Working Group 26 (WG26) and is currently under ballot with ISO. The scope of the proposed standard is to establish a generic framework for reviews of any work products (e.g. project plans, requirements specifications, design documents and test plans) that can be used by all those involved in the systems and software industry who plan, manage and/or perform reviews of work products. It defines a generic process, activities, tasks and review techniques (with associated documentation) that are applied during the review of a work product. This standard is intended for project managers, development managers, quality managers, test managers, business analysts, developers, testers, and all those involved in the development of software and hardware systems.

This new standard will cover what testers often simply refer to as "reviews" - e.g. inspections, walkthroughs, technical reviews, etc. However, rather than focussing on defining specific review types, this new standard will present a generic framework that defines the typical attributes (i.e. characteristics) of all reviews, allowing users to map sets of these attributes to define specific review types. For example, one of the review characteristics is the number of reviewers; for inspections and technical reviews this is defined as 3 to 9 reviewers, whereas for pair reviews it is set to two reviewers. Similarly, some review types have defined roles (e.g. moderator, reviewer, author, scribe for inspections) while many review types do not have these defined roles. This approach will allow users of the standard to either utilise pre-defined review types like inspections and walkthroughs, or to build their own custom review types to suit the unique needs of their project.

Article date: 12th September 2014

ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 Parts 1, 2 and 3 published as official International Standards!!

We are very pleased to announce that ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 Software Testing, parts 1, 2 and 3, were released as official International Standards in September 2013! These standards are now available for purchase and use through your national standards body. A big thank you and congratulations to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 Working Group 26 for their hard work and dedication throughout the process. Thank you also to all of the reviewers from national standards bodies and organisations around the world. And last but not least, an especially big thank you to our convenor Dr Stuart Reid and to our editing team Anne Mette Hass, Jon Hagar, Matt Mansell, Matthias Daigl, Qin Liu, Sylvia Veeraraghavan, Tafline Murnane and Wonil Kwon for their time and contributions to this series of standards. It wasn't always easy, but it was fun (most of the time!) and it was well worth it in the end.

We are also very excited to announce that ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 part 4 on Test Design Techniques has just passed its DIS ballot with a 95% approval rating, and should be published as a full international standard by mid-2014. We also have drafts of ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 part 5 and ISO/IEC 33063 under development. If anyone is interested in getting involved with reviewing or developing these standards, please contact your national standards body to sign up as official participants either of the international software testing working group or as a member of your national mirror working group. Visit the How to Get Involved page for more information on how to become an official contributor to these standard.

Article date: 24th October 2013

ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 Released as Draft International Standard

After many months of hard work and dedication, the editors of ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119 Software Testing have released parts 2 and 3 as Draft International Standards (DIS) and Parts 1 (Concepts and Definitions) and 4 (Techniques) as Committee Drafts. This means they are only be around 18 months away from being released as official international standards! It also means anyone wishing to get involved with reviewing the standard should contact their national standards body to sign up as official reviewers. Visit the How to Get Involved page for more information on how to become an official reviewer of the standard.

Article date: 2nd February 2012

Working Drafts of ISO/IEC 29119 Parts 1, 2 and 3 Released for Review!!

We are very excited to announce the release of working drafts of ISO/IEC 29119 Software Testing, parts 1 (definitions and concepts), 2 (test process) and 3 (test documentation), through ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 for worldwide review. The working group worked very hard throughout our recent meeting in Japan, and at the end of the week had finalised our drafts for official SC7 release. If you are an expert in testing and would like to find out how to get involved with the review process through your national standards body, please contact the convenor of our working group, Dr Stuart Reid, at

Article date: 9th July 2010

Successful WG26 Meeting in Niigata, Japan

We recently held our latest WG26 meeting in Niigata, Japan. It was a fantastically productive week, topped off by the release of working drafts of parts 1, 2 and 3 of our standard. The meeting was attended by 26 representatives from 12 nations, including Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom and USA. Highlights of the week include gaining a new co-editor for our standard, Ms Sylvia Veeraraghavan from Mindtree India (many thanks Sylvia for volunteering!), and gaining a new member from China, Professor Qin Liu from the School of Software Engineering at Tongji University. Other highlights included learning about the beauty of Japanese culture and sampling some most exquisite Japanese cuisine. Many thanks to everyone in our working group for attending the meetings and putting in the time and effort to make it such a positive week, including our esteemed convenor Dr Stuart Reid, and our co-editors, Ms Anne Mette Haas, Ms Sylvia Veeraraghavan, Mr Wonil Kwon and myself, Ms Tafline Murnane. Please visit the About page for an up-to-date photo of WG26 at our meeting in Japan.

Article date: 9th July 2010

ISO/IEC 29119 Parts 2 & 3 to be Released to ISO/IEC in November

WG26 are pleased to announce that ISO/IEC 29119 parts 2 (test process) and 3 (test documentation) will be submitted as Working Drafts to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 in November 2009, for review by software testing experts from national standards bodies worldwide. These two parts of the standard have already undergone rigorous review by members of WG26 and select experts, and the feedback is very positive. With a simplified testing process model and document templates to match, we are eagerly looking forward to this upcoming release. Anyone outside of WG26 who wishes to review parts 2 and 3 in future will need to contact their national standards body, to enquire about the joining their local working group in their country.

WG26 Meeting in Peru

The next meeting of WG26 will take place in November 2009 in Lima, Peru, from Sunday 8th November to Friday 13th November. Anyone wishing to join the working group and/or to attend this meeting should contact the national standards body in their country for more information.

Process Diagrams Updated

The latest draft of many of the process diagrams that are included in part 2 have been updated, and can be found on this website under the page for Part 2 Test Process.