ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-5: Keyword-Driven Testing

The aim of ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-5 is to define an international standard for supporting Keyword-Driven Testing. Keyword-Driven Testing is a way of describing test cases by using a predefined set of Keywords. These Keywords are names which are associated with a set of actions that are required to perform a specific step in a test case. By using keywords to describe test steps instead of natural language, test cases can be easier to understand, to maintain and to automate.

It is anticipated that this standard will include the following topics:

Introduction in Keyword-Driven Testing

An introduction to Keyword-Driven Testing addressing the benefits and explaining how keywords can be organized into several layers, which types of keywords are common and how keywords are associated with data.

Application of Keyword-Driven Testing

Discusses how Keywords can be identified, how they are used to compose test cases, what needs to be taken into regard for maintenance of defined sets of Keywords and how Keyword-Driven Testing and data driven testing are related.

Roles and Tasks

Describes several roles with associated tasks in Keyword-Driven Testing. Team members in a project can be assigned roles with tasks matching their qualification.

Frameworks for Keyword-Driven Testing

Keyword-Driven Testing can be supported by frameworks, consisting of, for example, commercial software-tools, individual scripts and documentation. This clause will address how a suitable Keyword-Driven Test framework can be composed and which properties are required and helpful.

Data Interchange

Describes what data needs to be exchanged between tools for Keyword-Driven Testing, and describes a data format for this task.